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   A solvent dye is a dye soluble in organic solvents. It is usually used as a solution in an organic solvent. Solvent dyes are used to color organic solvents, hydrocarbon fuels, waxes, lubricants, plastics, and other hydrocarbon-based nonpolar materials. Fuel dyes are one use of solvent dyes. Their molecules are typically nonpolar or little polar, and they do not undergo ionization. They are insoluble in water. Names of solvent dyes are often generic, of the scheme “solvent ”, eg. Solvent Red 24, Solvent Red 26, Solvent Red 164, Solvent Yellow 124, Solvent Blue 35, etc.

 Red and yellow solvent dyes are often azo dyes, green and blue ones tend to be anthraquinone dyes.
  Uses for Solvent Dyes :
Their very nature – soluble in non-polar mediums – allows their versatility and many uses. Oil or solvent dye is used in applications such as foil printing, printing inks, marking pens, ball point pens, candles and other waxes, polishes, leathers, wood stains, acrylic resins, varnishes and shellacs. They are used in signaling smoke and in the pyrotechnics industry. These dyes are also used to color lubricants in the automotive and industrial cutting industries. However, the most frequent application of solvent dyes is in the plastics industry. Within the industrial plastics community, solvent-based dyes are used to color a variety of solid materials, such as acetates, nylon, polyester, acrylics, PVC, PMMA, PETP, polystyrene and styrene monomers. In addition, many solvent dyes are used as components by the biological stain manufacturing community to produce stains that will identify various cell structure components in medical diagnostics and scientific research.

Applications :
1. Solvent dyes for Inks for rotogravure and rubber stereo printing; for coating copying paper and typewriter ribbons; for ball point 
    pens, and in printing inks as shading and brightening agents and for double tone effects.
2. Solvent dyes for Petrol & Fuel Oils
3. Solvent dyes for Wax & Candles
4. Solvent dyes for Cosmetics
5. Solvent dyes for Wood Stain, Spirit & Varnishes.
6. Solvent dyes for Coloration of moulding powders, construction material of cellulose acetate, celluloid, polystyrene, 
    polymethacrylates, PVC, P/F, U/F.
7. Solvent dyes for Leather- spray finishing of dyed & undyed leather.
8. Solvent dyes for Aluminium foil printing, transparent lacquers, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, vinyl, alkyd, other synthetic resins 
    or shellac.
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