About Us

The company's core business is the development and sales of coatings, colorants, inks and plastics additives. At present, there are varieties of additives, of which the representative ones have been widely used in the domestic coatings and paints inks and plastics industries. Representative industries include automotive paints, refinish paints, coil steel coatings, wood coatings, and industrial coatings. And medicine, electronics, environmental protection, plastics, and chemical and other fields.


Highly effective fluorescent whitening agent series, soluble in various organic solvents, high weatherability, and heat, light, whitening, brightening, brightening effect is remarkable, environmentally friendly and efficient, non-toxic and tasteless.


The paint and ink additives are self-emulsifying, easy to disperse, and versatile. It does not produce craters or affect film formation, and has a special effect on aqueous coating systems.


We attach great importance to the user's production and R&D needs, and serve the paint, ink, plastic coloring, ceramic ink-jet, leather finishing, pigment surface treatment, medicine, electronics, environmental protection, daily chemical and other fields, so that the service extends from the sales to the program. . We have R & D personnel closely associated with the application of the front line, providing a strong guarantee for the company's constant innovation and development.


We have established a comprehensive sales and service network in the world and have maintained a wide range of business contacts with most of the well-known coatings, inks, plastics, ceramics, leather medicine, electronics, environmental protection and daily chemical companies. Information communication. The company's agents and distributors around the world have provided more direct services to their local users. This allows us to provide strong support to our customers in terms of their needs.