Optical Brightener CBS-127 (CI 378)

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  • Model: Optical Brightener CBS-127 (CI 378)

Optical Brightener CBS-127 (CI 378)


1、  Item name:

                4,4-Bis [2-(2-methoxyphenyl) ethenyl]-1,1-biphenyl

         CI NO.: 378       



Molecular weight:                         418     CAS No. :                 40470-68-6

Ash:                                            0.5%min.   Assay:                              99.0%min

Bulk density:                            1.23g/cm3      Melting point:               216-222

Volatile content:                       0.3% Max   Particle size:                 60-200 meshes

Appearance:                           light yellow color crystal powder

Max. absorption wavelength:        375nm(in ethanol)



Odyssey CBS-127 is an optical brightener applicable to polymers, especially for PVC and phenylethylene products. It could be added to the polymers as pigment. The bright white color will present on the products if used low concentration of CBS-127 together with anatase titanium dioxide The concentration of CBS-127 should add-up if the rutile anatase titanium dioxide will be used.

Odyssey CBS-127 aslo can be used in other plastics such as PMMA, PB ,etc.

Odyssey CBS-127 also can be called FP-127.


4Dosage for reference (in each 100 kg polymers):

Poly vinyl chloride:        Transparent             0.0001-0.001%   (0.1-1g)

Others              0.01-0.05%         (10-50g)


Polystyrene:                    Transparent            0.0001-0.001%    (0.1g)

Others                   0.001%               (1g)


  ABS:                              Primitive color        0.01-0.05%         (10g-50g)

                          (Effectively eliminate the intrinsic yellow color in ABS)

                                         Others                     0.01-0.05%  (10g-50g)

Other plastics:                 The CBS-127 could also be used to the other thermoplastic plastics to create a special lightness. Such as: PMMA, cellulose seraceta, etc., the concentration of using the CBS-127 could refer to those directions of PVC given above.

The above dosage is for the reference of WHITE color products only. Please decrease when using CBS-127 in colorful products. Please increase the dosage when the materials using UV-absorbers.

5Safety and stock:

         Keep in stock as ordinary chemicals. Wear protective goggles and gloves whole opening the package, should avoid the direct contact with skin and eyes.


6Attention: Please mix thoroughly to obtain best effect. CBS-127 concentrated masterbatch can be even better mixed.

7Packing:                       25kg / fiber drum with PE liner


 deformer, leveling agent, Optical brightener

 deformer, leveling agent, Optical brightener

 deformer, leveling agent, Optical brightener