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Solvent blue 45
    Publish time 2017-07-26 13:47    

Product Name:Solvent blue 45

Foreign relative brand:

Estofil Blue S-RLS (CLH)

Savinyl Blue RS

CAS 37299-23-5

Light fastness: 7-8


Shade: Bright blue


Heat stability(℃):300


Shade: Bright blue
Specifications: Solvent blue 45 used for inks; Solvent blue 45 used for plastic.
Main Application:
Higher plastic colorant are most suitable for various plastic materials coloring, with greater color strength, better fastness to heat, light, acid and alkali. This range is generally used in coloring domestic plastic materials, cop tube materials, fat dyeing, lacquers, inks and master batches dyeing. Some of them are suitable for dyeing chemicals fibre, such as dacron, nylon and cellulose acetate fibre.

Foreign relative brand:

Light Heat(℃) Water Soda (5%) hydrochloric acid (5%)
melting point stability
7-8   300 good good good